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County General Hospital
Doctor's Notes
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2nd-May-2013 08:02 am - Still on Hiatus
little lost
A serious accident last summer and two major surgeries (knee and a spinal fusion) have left this community on the back burner, I still hope that one day it will come to life...
10th-Feb-2012 05:18 pm - Hiatus
Congo feverish
This Community is on hiatus due to my health, it will re-open when I can devote the time to it I feel it deserves.

30th-Dec-2007 11:26 am - Game Rules and Character Availability

1. Your posts in the MAIN journal should be at least one paragraph long and written in THIRD person. Please run spell check and, if need be, grammar check to make sure that your post adheres to the rules of English. Also, no dissecting the previous post and responding to every line. Write a cohesive response. This means:
A. No one-line responses.
B. No writing in first person (i.e., you may not say, "I woke up this morning" as Carol).

In your characters own journal, you may write first person. Please specify if this journal is online or handwritten; online journal entries by your character could conceivably be commented on by your friends, if they have been given access. If your character journal is handwritten or otherwise locked, please put (Private) on those entries.

2. You get to decide on your own story line. Does Doug hate Carol in your world? That's fine! However... if you want a storyline that involves another character's long terms plans (i.e. their death, marriage, children etc.), you should email them about it first. For most interactions you are free to let your inspiration take over. OPEN COMMUNICATION IS KEY!

3. Do not mess with the laws of physics. One character cannot be in two scenes at the same time. If two characters are in different timelines, post an OOC message and find a way to get them at the same time before they interact.

4. Killing characters is allowed under the following stipulations:
A. You can make up characters to be killed to your heart's content
B. You can kill non-player characters (people on the cast list that are not currently being played) with the understanding that they may just come back from the dead.
C. There is no killing of player characters (characters that have owners) without the expressed consent of that character's owner.

5. You may have multiple characters; in fact, it is recommended that you do. Having multiple characters helps avoid silences in the game's activity and prevents you from possibly feeling left out when other storylines are moving faster than your own.

6. If you need another character for your scene and no one is playing them you can write for that character.

7. If another character approaches one of your characters, it is not acceptable to say "Hey, I didn't want Luka to talk to Doug!" As long as Luka has not claimed that he has just killed Doug off, Luka is completely with in his rights to involve Doug in his storyline. Exceptions, however, are obvious. If Doug is in the ER, and Luka is in the diner, they cannot interact.

HOWEVER! It is unfair and difficult to follow if you decide someone is suddenly in your scene without consulting them AND getting their okay BEFORE posting. If you want to involve another character in your scene GO TO THEIR CURRENT PLACEMENT IN THE GAME!

8. Of course, no flaming or harassing members of this list. Off-topic posts should be limited to the game in some aspect. You can leave us a message that says you will be away for the weekend, or that you want "Luka" to email you, but no "My dog just had puppies." Remember that email and pms are available for private conversations as well.

9. No more original characters at this time until more regular canon characters are filled.

10. No use of OOC knowledge. OOC knowledge is something that you, your real life self, know, but your character does not. An example: Malik has his scope pointed at Luka and is about to shoot, chickens out, and instead shoots the plate glass window in front of Luka, to scare him. If you are playing someone in the room with Luka... you do not get to shout... "THERE IS MALIK! HE JUST TRIED TO KILL LUKA!" Trust me, it would be no fun for this (admittedly deranged) Malik and no fun if it happened to your character in a scene.

11. You are allowed to write for your characters. You are NOT allowed to write for other people's characters. (This is called "godmodding") Certain times you may need to write in an opposite character's facial expression, or one liner to keep the conversation going. When in this situation use this rule of thumb:

DON'T do it if it changes what the other character is doing; if it involves the other character leaving the room or the conversation; if it DEFINES or CHANGES a character's location; if it changes the opposite character's emotional state.

As writers, we know that people put pieces of their heart and soul into their writing. It is extremely offensive to take away their creative freedom and borders on censorship.

Taken Characters
Luka Kovac (PB: Goran Visnjic)
Ray Barnett (Shane West)
Abby Lockhart (PB: Maura Tierney)
Gregory Pratt (Mekhi Phifer)
Hope Bobeck (PB: Busy Phillips)

Available Characters

Jessica Albright (PB: Dahlia Salem)
Donald Anspaugh (John Aylward)
John Carter (PB: Noah Wyle)
Deb Chen (PB: Ming-Na)
Elizabeth Corday (PB: Alex Kingston)
Dustin Crenshaw (PB: JP Manoux)
Anna Del Amico (PB: Maria Bello)
Carl Deraad (John Doman)
Lucien Dubenko (PB: Leland Orser)
Jane Figler (PB: Sarah Gilbert)
Cleo Finch (Michael Michele)
Michael Gallant (PB: Sharif Atkins)
Tony Gates (PB: John Stamos)
Mark Greene (PB: Anthony Edwards)
Kim Legaspi (Elizabeth Mitchell)
Susan Lewis (PB: Sherry Stringfield)
Dave Malucci (PB: Erik Palladino)
David Morgenstern (William H. Macy)
Archie Morris (PB: Scott Grimes)
Greg Pratt (PB: Mekhi Phifer)
Dr. Rabb (PB: L. Scott Caldwell)
Neela Rasgotra (PB: Parminder Nagra)
Robert Romano (PB: Paul McCrane)
Doug Ross (PB: George Clooney)
Kerry Weaver (PB: Laura Innes)


Haleh Adams (PB: Yvette Freeman)
Frank "Rambo" Bacon (PB: Morris Chestnut)
Conni (PB: Conni Marie Brazleton)
Carol Hathaway (PB: Julianna Margulies)
Lily Jarvik (PB: Lily Mariye)
Lydia (PB: Ellen Crawford)
Malik (PB: Deezer D.)
Chuny Marquez (PB: Laura Ceron)
Samantha Taggart (PB: Linda Cardellini)
Yosh (Gedde Watanabi)

Desk Staff
E. Ray Bozman (PB: Charles Noland)
Frank (PB: Troy Evans)
Jerry (PB: Abraham Benrubi)
Randi (PB: Kristin Minter)
Rolando (PB: Rolando Molina)
Timmy Rawlins (PB: Glenn Plummer)

Jackie Benton Robbins (PB: Khandi Alexander)
Jeanie Boulet (PB: Gloria Reuben)
Sandy Lopez (PB: Lisa Vidal)
Maggie (PB: Sally Field)
Sarah (PB: Chloe Greenfield)
Alex Taggart (PB: Oliver Davis)

This is only a partial list; any past or current character can be played upon approval. Feel free to request paramedics, fire-fighters, news reporters, family members,or other re-occurring characters if you have one that you think you would like to merge into the storyline.

Original Characters
Claire Northstar* (PB: Sandrine Holt)
Natalija Viljac* (PB: Emily Rossum)


Your Name:

Age: (ER does not accept applicants under the age of 15, due to mature content)

RP Experience: (Provide links, such as other RP journals, if available; if journals are friend-locked, please unlock one or two entries for viewing)

Character Desired:

Brief Character History: (Include personality and physical description, if necessary)

Personality: for OC's

RP Sample: (Third person, past tense, two paragraphs minimum)

Preferred PB: (please use TV actor/actress where applicable)

Contact Information: (Include email address and AIM screenname)

Reply to this post with your application for review. Thank you!
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